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10/30/2009: Carl Malamud of has now posted still more "copyrighted" manuals from the Oregon DOJ for download as printable, searchable pdfs. All free.  30-Oct-2009 13:43   48M  Attorney General's Administrative Law Manual 30-Oct-2009 12:41 55M Attorney General's Public Contracts Manual 26-Oct-2009 12:21 5.8M Attorney General's Public Records and Public Meeting Manual
or_fire.pdf 30-Oct-2009 13:46 41M The Oregon Fire Code, which incorporates IFC-2006, the 2006 International Fire Code.
or_mechanical.pdf 30-Oct-2009 13:46 23M The Oregon Mechanical Code, which incorporates IMC-2006, the 2006 International Mechanical Code.
or_residential.pdf 30-Oct-2009 13:46 42M The Oregon Residential Code, which incorporates IRC-2006, the 2006 International Residential Code.
or_structural.pdf 30-Oct-2009 13:46 69M The Oregon Structural Specialty Code, which incorporates IBC-2006, the 2006 International Building Code.
ors_2005.tgz 12-Apr-2008 18:49 16M 2005 Oregon Revised Statutes
ors_2007.tgz 12-Apr-2008 18:46 115M 2007 Oregon Revised Statutes
A pdf of the Oregon Fire Code costs $79.20 from the website recommended by the State Fire Marshal. Seems like Oregon Attorney General Kroger should be helping Mr. Malamud break this copyright, and that's the way we hope this fight ends. More at