Carl Malamud in Oregon

I've been lax on updates, but a lot has been happening on the public records front. Carl Malamud from made a sweep through Oregon - giving talks at Attorney General Kroger's law school, Lewis and Clark, and the University of Oregon Library, with a stop in between to buy copies of the legal manuals the Oregon DOJ is trying to keep off the web. I wonder what he is going to do with them?

Here's video of his talk at UO. It's a great talk, ranging from the definition of a "smatterer" (1:50 in) to an insinuation of nepotism by John Adams to the early history of the SCOTUS to the rationale for copyright law to why John Kroger is going to have a really hard time asserting copyright on the Oregon DOJ manuals on public records, and other topics. My favorite part is here, of course! CJ Ciamarella has a good article in the ODE about Carl's visit.